Sunday, July 1, 2012

The glorious rainy season

The rainy season arrived right on schedule in mid-June, and we've had some spectacular lightening shows and really good soaking rains since then.

This pic (low quality because I only had my iPod Touch with me) is from today's walk around town:

Highs have dropped a good 10-15 degrees to around 80, nights are in the 50's and mornings are cloudy and cool, with a nurturing humidity in the air that brings back happy memories of time spent in spring years ago in southern France.

Everyone I know who's lived long-term in Mexico far prefers the summer "off" season to the dry and often frenetic winter high season. For our part we're feeling especially blessed to be here, as we watch our old stomping grounds (Colorado and New Mexico) aflame with record high temperatures. Hoping that some of our cooling rain makes it north to those in need.

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