Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What a difference two weeks makes!

It'd been two weeks since our last visit to the local botanical gardens, and while we'd noted much greening up back then, today we entered a verdant fairyland of wildflowers, flowering cacti and rushing water.

 could be a trail on the Olympic Peninsula!

 Wildflowers everywhere

 Two weeks ago just green grass, today a lake

 Erin standing next to one of the giant agave used to make pulque

These gardens, called El Charco del Ingenio, are a steep half-hour walk from centro. Since we don't have a car they are the only sizable natural area that's easily accessible to us. Much as we appreciate San Miguel it's a busy and intense urban environment, especially for people like us who've always lived in places in the U.S. with many hiking and biking trails. We clearly want to be up here several times a week, and we also need to get busy befriending more locals who make the trip to the nearby Picacho mountains for hiking. It feeds our souls like nothing else.

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